6 ways to get your business bid fit

By Louise Lewis, 2nd October 2017

It is important before tendering that your business is ready as the tender submission deadlines can often be tight and the documents themselves can be long and time consuming to complete. There’s some helpful advice that could save you time when preparing your tender submissions and to get your business bid fit!

1. The First area to get right is your selection criteria for opportunities to ensure you focus your time and energy on the right contracts.

2. When bidding for a tender opportunity it is important to have certain documentation and policies readily available and to hand as these will be often be required. Building a bid library can save masses of time when tendering.

Some examples of standard documentation that could be asked for:

• Policies including Health and Safety, Business Continuity, Diversity, Environmental, Customer Care and Quality
• Registration Details
• Accounts
• Certifications/Accreditations
• Insurance Cover

3. Agree an internal process to use on all Bids, where everyone involved has clear responsibilities, deadlines and points of contact. Decide who will be the Bid Manager, who will write content and the Team responsible for the Final Bid Review

4. You will often be asked to include CV’s and resumes of key personnel so make sure these are current and available, including an up to date Organisation Structure Chart to show size of Team, Reporting lines and support infrastructure behind your delivery staff.

5. References and Case Studies – Recent and relevant references and case studies are always required on submissions, so have a file with these all to hand. Make sure you have permission from any client you intent to use as a reference – as they will be contacted as part of the process if you are successful.

6. And most importantly of all, if you haven’t got the time or inclination to do this, let a professional and competent bid support company help you build a bid library and write/review your bid responses thus doing all the hard work for you.

If you require assistance with any of your tendering needs, don't hesitate to contact us on 01908 382414.

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